Based of the Tree of Life's Method...

Learn How To Sprout

Learn from the masters, how to sprout in soil with three secret keys to the ultimate sprout harvest! Learn how to sprout alfalfa, learn how to sprout broccoli and all kinds of seeds, grains, and legumes - free of mold and insects! Guaranteed to be rich in vitality! All for less than you thought... and fun for the whole family!

The Master Sprout Guide is "the" How To Sprout Guide to get you fresh, healthy sprouts nearly every time!

How to sprout alfalfa, wheatgrass and much more…

The method described in the Master Sprout Guide is based on how to sprout the TOL (“Tree of Life”) method. Learn how to sprout seeds, legumes, micro-greens and grains in and out of soil free of mold and contamination. Adapt this guide to any seed, legume, or microgreen. Want to learn how to sprout alfalfa? You got it! Want to learn how to sprout broccoli sprout? You got that, too! Any sprout, this guide will cover it.

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how to sprout with the master sprout guide

Only $10.00.

What is sprouting?

Sprouting is an ancient technique to release the vital nutrients of the seed: Learn a revolutionary new way to not just sprout seeds but grow the sprouts in soil with the most minerals, free from bugs and mold! Learn to economically grow trays of lush green vital nutrient dense mineral rich sprouts and micro-greens!

Dine on piles of green sprouts, make salads, green drinks, Anne Wigmore’s Energy Soup, garnishes and more! The Master Sprout Guide is the result of years of sprouting and used by Master Sprouters all over! Learn how to take sprouting into your own hands in your own studio, apartment, house or backyard! Stop buying expensive greens and weak sprouts from the grocery store or farmer’s market!

Teach your children the art of MASTER SPROUT GUIDE and they will learn to care for their mini garden with an abundant green harvest in 7-10 days time! Over and over!

This connection to the soil is grounding as well as mineralizing to the body! The MASTER SPROUT GUIDE teaches the sprouter to plan ahead and keep on top of the tasks looking always toward the goal of the harvest and nutrient FEAST! Did You Know?!? Wheat Grass was popularized by the late (R.I.P.) Anne Wigmore? An amazing woman …

Well Did You Know?!? That Wheatgrass Juice is too SWEET for some people’s constitution!? There are other types of grasses that can be sown and grown! Oat, Barley, Rye and the powerhouse Ancient Egyptian Strain KAMUT!

There are many sprouts that can be grown using the techniques in the MASTER SPROUT GUIDE! This provides for many unique tastes and flavors adding to your pallet like the colors of the rainbow!

Learn how to sprout…

  • Red Clover
  • Broccoli
  • Radish
  • Alfalfa
  • Fenugreek
  • Lentils
  • Mung Beans

  • Millet
  • Spelt
  • Quinoa
  • Wheatgrass
  • Sunflower
  • Buckwheat

The techniques in Master Sprout Guide can also be adapted so you can learn how to sprout microgreens such as red cabbage, celery, radish daikon, pea greens, wasabi, tangerine leaf and much more!

Did You Know: Sprouts Grown in soil differ from hydroponically grown sprouts? Well for one thing most “sprouts” sold in grocery stores are not even that green! True MASTER SPROUT GUIDE grown sprouts will be green and lush with chlorophyll from having been greened in the sunshine! True Vital sprouts are picked fresh from the soil and then eaten FRESH!

Only $10.00.

Real Customer Testimonials
“I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by learning how to grow sprouts at home instead of buying them from the farmers market and grocery store thanks to the Master Sprout Guide!”
Daniel M., Hawaii
“WOWSERS~_~ I’ve been on a sprout HIGH!!! ever since I MASTER SPROUT GUIDED this sprout ride. It’s so on point I can hardly stop talking about it! I love pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts and all sprouts! They make me smarter and my hair shines and so does my beard. Definitely worth the $10! I am going teach people how to sprout Fiji!”
Kirk B., New Mexico/Fiji
“I’ve always wanted to find the answer to my question, “What is sprouting?”…I found it here on the website answered “what” it is but the book went in to fill in “how to sprout”. I learned how to sprout in my tiny apartment, which saved me money. I feel much healthier since I’ve begun sprouting!”
Marian M, California
“The “Master Sprout Guide” is a wonderful sprout book with RAWKin’ incredible information collected about sprouting and how it can be simple and affordable. I wholeheartedly endorse it and support this books success in every way possible because I know it will help people be inspired to become healthier!
Chef BeLive, California
“I love research I love content. The way you formatted this is really great it makes life easier. Information leads to knowledge leads to action. This is great root information. There’s different parts they are all useful. I like the fact that here’s the elements, the crucial jars, I love the fact that you have it broken down. You have the highlights, the nutritional info. It’s so important to let people know why they are doing something when they really have a deep understanding to it they have a deeper appreciation for the lifestyle. I love the step by step aspect. This is the KISS model keep it simple stupid. Keep it simple sexy!”
Rawberto Sage, California
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